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Brand advantage

Brand advantage

Unified brand image system;Unified marketing system;Unified standard training system;For many famous enterprises and landmark projects to provide perfect service。

Select material advantage

Select material advantage

Cooperate with famous brand heat pump accessories suppliers,To safeguard the stability and performance of products。

Quality advantage

Quality advantage

Strict standards of quality management process; Strictly monitor the quality operation; Ensure that the product of high quality high quality high standard production; Built10A great international laboratory,Participate in industry standard custom12A,Various standardization certificate。

Product advantage

Product advantage

The price is materially beneficial,Quality assurance,Brand support; Factory production,Strong production strength。Oh, be your most solid backing,The most trusted manufacturers;

1、System strong fast operation


Zhengzhou European technology co., LTD., changes in temperature(Onaer)Was established2015Years4Month,The registered capital11160Wan,Is the collection research and development of heat pump、Production、Sales and comprehensive energy services for the integration of high-tech enterprises。

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Clean energy,Wisdom heating-The central heating, thermal taishan village project start ceremony

In response to a nation called on energy conservation and emissions reduction,Promote a low carbon economy,To improve energy utilization,Improve people's living standards,Zhengzhou Europe, heating power co., LTD. Together with mount tai village to implement clean geothermal heating project。16Monday morning,Fiona[For details]

Harmony and win-win ,Use clean energy change livable environment

      “Vast and lonely fly egret paddy field,Yin Yin summerwood putting orioles”,This is the great tang dynasty poet wang wei praised the work nature。However,Due to the pollution of the environment,Now we have[For details]

Stick to quality Rich products Europe has air to new members

  As is known to all,Product is the core and foundation of enterprise development,Is the carrier of market competition,If there is no good、Full of vitality of products as support,Companies may not have very good development,It is impossible to have long-term stability of the hair[For details]

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