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Belle•Whole house custom belongs to hefei belum technology development co., LTD,2004Was formally established。The company set research and development、Production、Sales、Operating in a body,15Years of growth,Running trials and hardships。Bele now its franchisees hundred cities all over the country,Motivational become whole house custom domestic industry leading brand。
The brand of honor Quality guarantee


Bele always adhere to the quality and environmental health household concept,Through a number of quality/The environment/International occupational health and safety management system certification,And won the national top ten brand ambry、Enterprise of China cabinets and so on dozens of honor。Grow up the road,The company constantly improve the enterprise strength,The introduction of Germany(HOMAG)And Italy than andreas(BIESSE)And other professional production equipment,According to the design of the standard unit products forming large-scale production。
The development course


2004Belle company founded,Working among the national famous brand ambry of fifteen years,Based on the future,Focus on the innovation and technology,Commitment to more families to provide first-class household design scheme、High quality household product configuration、Humanized household integrated services。
Brand Cooperative
15Years of industry development,Belle brand depending on market conditions,Set marketing objectives,Through powerful database marketing、Precise cast surely marketing network,The rapid spread of brand drive sales,
Online,Omni-directional three-dimensional packaging promotion,To ensure that the advertising effect。At the same time,Establish close cooperation relations with many famous brand suppliers,
More with domestic and international brands such as wanda real estate、Vanke real estate、Huarun real estate、Poly real estate, such as to establish strategic partnership,To ensure the high brand awareness,Strong influence and radiation。
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Affiliate Support
  • 01
    Store scientific location
    According to the local consumption habits
    Population structure and market positioning terminal sales model
  • 02
    The preparation plan、Decorate guide support
    Store prophase planning scheme
    The entire support showroom design
  • 03
    Store personnel system comprehensive training
    Improve professional skills
    Through online training brand、The marketing concept
  • 04
    Commonly used on the support of gifts
    The opening、Marketing materials
    Support and gift
  • 05
    Brand support
    Belle brand image、Product support
  • 06
    Opening and national activity support
    The national joint marketing activities
    Help franchisees will sell like hot cakes
  • 07
    Advertising support
    Online marketing
    Enhance brand awareness offline drainage
  • 08
    Media planning support
    Brand packaging
    Support brand activities
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Only difference between you point refers to a form
Alliance business requirements

1、Building materials furniture industry or related management experience;

2、Store area of not less than100Square meters;

3、Store decoration must be conducted according to the unified belle plan design and operation;

4、Stores must specialize in belle products,May engage in other products;

5、Strictly implement headquarters logo brand image and other related information,Such as advertising、Materials、Act the role ofing is tasted。

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