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Nantong chase elevator co., LTD, After nearly half a century of quality through the chain and humanities accumulation,The company has outstanding for elevator manufacturing professional growth、Scale、Modern enterprise and industry elite。European brands——French Emma, elevator and marriage of the company and its deep technology integration more to help the company into the glory days。One thousand users in China's real estate development enterprise500To be strong——Xian hai rong real estate group company leading the chase、Emma, series elevator consumer groups,Authority affairs administration under the state council and China's private enterprises500Strong dragon industrial port of chengdu and other high-end customers come to chase、Emma brand louder、More bright。

The company provides design、Manufacturing、The installation、Maintenance and spare parts full service,Series of products:Passenger elevator、Sightseeing elevator、Residential elevators、Medical elevator、Villa elevator、Freight elevator、Car elevator、Hydraulic elevator、Machineroomless elevator、Service lift、Escalators and moving sidewalks,Cover and meet all customer needs、Want。Relying on innovative thinking and outstanding science and technology support101Let us in meters elevator testing tower”China's highly“Above the law,The standings。

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